Alien Invasion

Thought I'd give my eyeballs a break from editing and share with you some photos of my sweet niece.

On her recent visit from Kansas she had one request... an early birthday party at Space Aliens. In preparation for the big event her and Eli decorated some alien cupcakes that were too cute not to pass on.

Incredibly easy! Make cupcakes (any kind) in the foil wrappers. Use the NEON green food coloring for the frosting and black gel frosting for the mouth and eye color. Mint mentos make up the white portions of the eyeballs. As Eli would say "easy peasy lemon sqeezy!"

The birthday girl doing some mad concentration!

I love this one. She was all quiet at the table after they were done decorating. We looked over and she had moved on to decorating her face. This was her expression as she looked at herself in the mirror to see her creation!

Of course her mom couldn't resist finishing the job!

We even had a lil' alien to come help us clean up the frosting :)

Have a great Thursday everyone!

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